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Iran' s harsh stance against gays is pushing some citizens to undergo gender reassignment surgery as a means of protecting themselves. For these reasons some gay Iranians report feeling pressure to change gender.

Iran' s policies about transgender rights are unique in the world. Ironically, sex- change operations are not only legal; they are embraced by a society that accepts male or female but nothing in between. Hossein Alizadeh spoke about his research on the experiences of LGBT Iranians in Iran and other countries, while Mitra Rastegar highlighted how Western conceptualizations of Iran affect our understandings of sex reassignment surgery and homosexuality there. Across the room, and a few steps away on the gender spectrum, a man with shaggy hair wrinkles a pug nose in the.

Religious experiences of Iranian transgenders: A qualitative study. Transgender In Tehran: Arsham' s Story - RFE/ RL.

In cases where players are undergoing sex changes, Hashemian said they would be allowed back onto the field when their gender- reassignment procedures had been completed. The State Department has referred to Iran' s policy of forcing homosexuals or transgenders to have sex changes as gender ' confirmation' rather than reassignment.
Bizarrely, although homosexuality is seen as a crime worthy of the most sever punishments, gender reassignment is promoted and even coerced upon the gay and. Gender Reassignment in Iran: A Growing Phenomenon - Fanack.

The religious cleric responsible for gender reassignment. Gender reassignment is legal in Iran.

However, MF‐ GID individuals were similar to normal women or more feminine. I found a very interesting doctor who does sex reassignment especially impressive results for F2M transsexuals.

- Результат из Google Книги 21 декмин. Raising these issues are vital seeing as Iran is still one of the only countries that enforces the death penalty for consensual same- sex relations.
Iran has the death penalty for homosexuality but subsidizes sex reassignment surgery. Background: Based on reports of the Tehran Legal.

The case of these two. Why The Iranian State Pressures Gay Men To Undergo Gender.

After the 1979 revolution in Iran, the Islamist forces came to power and ever since 1979, the Islamic government has always suppressed, arrested and repressed political and non- political opponents of its ideology and killed a number of them. Senior thesis: Sex reassignment surgery and infertility in Iranian.

Stack | Times Staff Writer. In fact, the Islamic Republic of Iran not only allows sex reassignment, but also subsidizes it.
Aside from imprisonment and execution, homosexual Iranians face another threat - being pressured into having gender reassignment surgery. While transgender people who have successfully undergone complete gender reassignment surgery are recognized by the government, " the law.

Be Like Others: Rather Than Accept Homosexuality, Iran. The Ayatollah' s fatwa allowing gender reassignment surgery has led to immense pressure- - and sometimes full enforcement- - on cisgender homosexual men and women to undergo.

According to a BBC Persian. January 25, | Megan K.

He became Maryam ( Mary), a she. FILMED IN IRAN, The Birthday documents a young man' s transition into womanhood in a country where women are generally oppressed. He said he believes close to 45 percent of Iranians who transition aren' t actually. Since homosexuality can be punishable by death in Iran, known homosexual men tend to accept the. Many Iranians are fleeing their home country due to harsh laws against gays and lesbians forcing them to complete gender reassignment or face the consequence: death, BBC reported. Iran has between 15, 0, 000 transsexuals, according to official statistics, although unofficial estimates put the figure at up to 150, 000. Iran | Fact# 13152 | FactRepublic. Why Is Iran Subsidizing Sex Reassignment Surgeries?

State- funded sex change surgery. There are no official statistics about the number of transgender people currently living in Iran or how many Iranians have had gender reassignment surgery.

Transgender rights: These countries are ahead of the US - CNN. Homosexuality is banned in Iran yet the country allows sex change operations and this has proved and.
Iran Presses Gays to Get Gender Reassignment Surgery | The. The gay people pushed to change their gender - BBC News.
Thus, the provision. Iran' s forcible “ sex- reassignment” surgery for gays « Why Evolution.
Transsexuality in Iran - IPFS Iran is one of a handful of countries where homosexual acts are punishable by death. Iran' s gender- reassignment industry is in a veritable boom.

Whatever the varied reasons, Thailand' s reputation is the antithesis of Iran' s when it comes to sexual openness. Larijani: No to Western Human Rights - ARTICLE 19.

Hard to believe, but the Iranian government will pay for gender- reassignment surgery to " cure homosexuality. The 76 minute documentary by Iranian- American filmmaker Tanaz Eshaghian, whose previous film Love Iranian- American Style documented her Iranian family' s involvement in her love life, profiles Iran' s leading gender reassignment doctor Dr.

Iran - Department of Justice. Gay Iranians pressured to surgically change gender, seek asylum.

Attracted to members of the same sex, yet forced to. Please Select Your Gender: From the Invention of Hysteria to the.

Sex changes have been. Iran and gender reassignment.

Be Like Others: Transgender Life in Iran | UUA. Iran carries out more gender change operations than any other country in the world besides Thailand.

Random gender tests will be introduced foir Iranian female soccer players after some were deemed not to be women. The attendees posed many insightful and.

Methods: This was a qualitative content analysis study focusing on the various dimensions of the experiences. Anti- gay, pro transgender - Words in the Bucket ' There is no reason why not, ' one cleric says of gender reassignment surgery.
In Box Third Gender: A Short History From ancient Greece to modern Pakistan, the political and cultural emergence of a complex, controversial term. Changing Their Sex in Iran - Page 2 - latimes It explores issues of gender and sexuality while following the personal stories of some of the patients at a Tehran clinic.

Sex reassignment surgery or SRS ( also known as gender reassignment surgery,. A new report details the difficulties of being gay in Iran, which often leads to forced gender reassignment.
I was wondering if anybody has gone to Iran for sex change. This was a descriptive- comparative study of 90 patients with GD sorted into 3 groups of untreated ( no hormone therapy or surgery) ( n = 30), hormone therapy ( n = 30), and gender- reassignment surgery ( n = 30).
Under Iran' s conservative Islamic regime, people can legally change their gender, even. Pittsburgh will offer gender affirmation surgery in employee medical plan Updated: Oct 19, : 42 PM.
Before the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran there was no official. Im surgery ( sex change) in 7th march.

Khomeini reasoned that if men or women wished so intensely to change their sex, to the point that they believed they were trapped inside the. Sex reassignment surgery.

Shahryarcohanzad. Be Like Others: Transsexuals in Iran - PBS International In Iran, according to Islamic law, homosexuality is punishable by death.

Report: Gay Iranians pressured into gender reassignment by doctors. In the 1990s, just several years after the fatwa was issued, transsexuals began to grow in confidence in Iran.

Bahram Mir Jalai) and. Beginning in the mid- 1980s, however, transgender individuals were officially recognized by the government and allowed to undergo sex reassignment surgery ( top surgery only).
Religious fundamentalists in Iran, however, accept the notion that an individual may be born in the “ wrong body, ” ( where one' s sex does not match one' s gender identity). BuzzFeed News looks at how Iran became a center of sex reassignment in the Middle East, and why many trans Iranians still find life impossible in the Islamic republic.

Legalizing gender reassignment began with a jurisprudential process. Professor Afsaneh Najmabadi on transsexuality in contemporary Iran.
Report: Gay Iranians coerced into gender reassignment surgery. The leader of Iran' s Islamic Revolution,.

Quality of Life and Body Image of Individuals with Gender Dysphoria. Gays and lesbians living in the Islamic state are often coerced into going through the procedure while volunteer in a bid to avoid punishment.

- YouTube 21 декмин. But Iran is also the only Muslim country in the Persian Gulf region that gives trans citizens the right to have their gender identity recognized by the law.

Comparison of Masculine and Feminine Gender Roles in Iranian. Why are gender reassignment surgeries now being done in Iran?

Iran Human Rights Documentation Center - Witness Statement of. Indeed, the state will loan transgender citizens money for sex reassignment surgery and guide them through the transition.

Be Like Others ( also known as Transsexual in Iran) is a documentary film written and directed by Tanaz Eshaghian about transsexuals in Iran. Eight of Iran' s women' s football team ' are men' - Telegraph.

Iran: If you' re gay, you get a sex change - Mixed Martial Arts By Oscar Lopez November 07, PM. Iranian law punishes homosexuality by death and it is impossible to live openly as a gay man or woman, according to.

Why Iran' s Mullahs Bless Sex Reassignment - BuzzFeed. Medicine Organization ( LMO), requests for sex change operation by persons with Gender identity disorder ( GID) have increased in the past few years in Iran.
Iran is the second in the world where sexual transformation procedures are done. As a child, Sara preferred to play soccer with the boys than to play with dolls.
” Speaking at the release of the State Department' s annual human rights report, Secretary of State John Kerry said of the designation that “ There is nothing. Required to undergo mandatory gender tests to determine that they are fully female.
In fact, Khomeini approved it four decades ago. Soccer Scandal: Iran' s Female Stars Face Random Gender Tests Iranian FM‐ GID individuals were less feminine than normal men.

Although homosexual relationships are illegal ( punishable by death) in Iran, sex reassignment operations are permitted. Comparison of masculine and feminine gender roles in Iranian patients with.

Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Iran - Enhancing Life Project Not surf related, not political, just kind of interesting. Gender Reassignment Surgery To Avoid Death ( with images.

A young woman, she suffered every day by having to wear a veil and women' s clothing. While we debate whether gay men and women have a right to marry here in the United States, gays in Iran fight simply to be allowed to breath and survive. Ayatollah Khomeini' s views played a key role. Professing Selves: Transsexuality and Same- Sex Desire in Contemporary Iran is likewise an innovative contribution to scholarship on modern Iran. Bahram Mehrjalali ( also spelled as Dr. Iran' s football association accused of being ' unethical' after it is claimed eight players in women' s national team are men awaiting sex change operations.

Arsham Parsi fled to Canada and runs a sort of underground queer railroad to help Iranian exiles, and said that he once heard from a woman who was being asked to change her gender but had no idea what a “ lesbian” was. 8 Iran' s security forces often harassed and abused transgender individuals whom they considered to be homosexual ( see Treatment by and.
State Department Officially Calls Iran' s Forced Sex Change. And so Fereydoon Molkara, like many others, was given the freedom to change his gender.

Background: Gender identity disorder and its treatment with sex reassignment surgery is a profound experience, which can affect the mental, interpersonal, social and religious aspects of one' s life. Iran Encourages Gender Reassignment Surgery – The Young Turks Iran has a well- documented record of coercing gay and lesbian people into having the gender reassignment surgery, that is, disrupting rather than “ confirming” the gender identity of hundreds per year.
In Iran, same- sex acts are considered criminal and punishable by execution, but sex reassignment surgery is legal. Today, thinking about the fragility of the 1970s gay rights movement in Iran fills me with dread, because a drastic change in government is happening here. More and more, they appeared in public and they even set up several. Sex changes have been legal in Iran since Ayatollah Khomeini, spiritual leader of the 1979 Iranian revolution, passed a religious edict 25 years ago authorizing the operations for “ diagnosed transsexuals.

And while Iran has gained notoriety for offering gender- reassignment surgery since the Quran makes no mention of it being forbidden, The Birthday sheds light on the. Sex Reassignment in Iran - Susan' s Place.

They were recruited using convenience sampling from a hospital in Tehran, Iran. Iran and gender reassignment.
Consequences due to their gender- identity ambiguity. Gays and lesbians living in the Islamic.
The short version is that the Iranian government views being transgender as an intersex condition which has no connection to prohibited sexual behavior. Starting with the recent boom in the awareness and use of sex/ gender reassignment in Iran, it explores the context and implications for the growth of this.

In 1987, Iran' s religious leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa ( a legal decision handed down by a religious leader) allowing sexual reassignment surgery. And while it is true that both countries have a strong stance against what they call “ sodomy”, Iran is currently the country with the biggest number of sex reassignment surgeries and many families in Afghanistan choose to raise their pre- pubescent daughters as boys ( bacha posh).
Forced gender reassignment surgery. The medical establishment in Iran pressures gay and lesbian Iranians to change their gender because if would be more culturally acceptable.

- Quora I will try to be succinct, but there is a lot of backstory involved here. There law stipulated that whoever is older than the age of 18 can choose his sex, and change his gender and social status and amend his official documents without any prior judicial or medical approval.
In 1983, spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini passed a fatwa allowing sex- change. Due to the social and legal ramification of transsexualism, we decided to perform a study to assess the.

As most of you probably know Tehran is the world capital for sex change. This also led to the prohibition of sex reassignment operations.

Transsexuality in Iran - Wikipedia Before the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the issue of trans identity in Iran had never been officially addressed by the government. Alavi K, Eftekhar M and Jalali Nadoushan AH.

Cultural considerations remain to be investigated. Iranian law recognizes trans people who have had gender- confirmation surgery and, to a limited extent, it makes provisions for those in the process of.
Undergoing sex reassignment surgery against the person' s will amounts to persecution ( see. Fleeing Violence, Gay Iranian Refugees Find Safety in Toronto.
Com Hi Im Parinaz Homa ( bahrouz ) from Tehran, Iran. A report issued Thursday by the Department of State repeatedly refers to sex reassignment surgery in Iran as “ gender- confirmation surgery.
0 The Situation of LGBT Children in Iran. The Iranian government- - which punishes homosexuality by death- - accepts the existence of transgendered individuals. Iranian Transgendered People: Harassed, coerced to undergo what. ” Doctors in Tehran, often called the sex- change capital of the world, perform gender- reassignment.

This is my new e- mail address. From women' s rights to sex changes to strategic partnerships, Iran may not be as far from the West as many assume.

Iran' s solution to ' gay problem'? Transgender in Egypt: Sex reassignment surgical procedures.

Transsexuality in Contemporary Iran: Legal and Social. Whispering like conspirators, the two cousins hook their thumbs in their belt loops, skim cocky eyes over the women and swivel, stiff- legged from their hips, like the men they have become.

BuzzFeed News looks at how Iran became a center of sex reassignment in the. Me all the time to memory Dr.

The Iranian soccer federation' s ruling came in the wake of revelations that several leading players in the league were men who either had sexual development disorders or had not completed gender reassignment surgery. - Добавлено пользователем The Young Turks" Iran is one of a handful of countries where homosexual acts are punishable by death.

Sex change funding undermines no gays claim | World news | The. It explores issues.

SRS Surgeons in Iran - Gender Reassignment Surgery Learn about Surgeons in Iran who offer Male to Female ( MTF) and Female to Male ( FTM) procedures, also known as Sex Reassignment Surgery ( SRS) or Gender Reassignment Surgery ( GRS). However, the BBC has reported that there are more sex change operations taking place in Iran than in Thailand, which is known to be one of the.

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